Cow Waxy (laced)

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Men's leather pants in classic 5-pocket style - leather jeans

100% Genuine and durable buffalo nappa leather - smooth leather

Regular Waist / Medium Rise - Comfortable and classic straight leg cut

Two front pockets, two back pockets

Year-round items - suitable for every season from spring to winter

Only professional and never in the machine

Closable by a zipper and button on the waistband

100% breathable polysatin

Lacing over the entire length

Item runs one size smaller - Please select one size larger than usual - Italian Fitting

Men's leather pants Cow Waxy (lacedürt) - the hearty classic

The men's leather pants Cow Waxy (geschnüürt) präpresents itself in a classic cut and rustic design. With straight leg, normal bodyöand popular five-pocket style, it is cut like a classic leather jeans; for a more comfortable fitüthe certain something provides the laterally incorporated lacingürung. This looks not only strong, but allows by tighter or further Schn ü rüindividual adjustment of the leg width by tightening or - füfor a perfect fit and comfortable fit. Atüin addition, the pants score with unique feel. The treated with a special wax Büfelnappa leather is of high quality and particularly robust, which makes the Cow Waxy (carvedürt) to a hard-wearingäand at the same time comfortable companion. The breathable inner lining made of skin-friendly polysatin ensures a comfortable fitäensures maximum wearing comfort. Füpockets, a straight cut and a closure with zipperßand metal button give the leather pants Cow Waxy (geschnnülaced) the classic look; the adjustable side lacing and theüprovides for aüthe adjustable side lacing ensures an optimal fit and gives the pants a masculine, rock look

Functional and comfortable

The Cow Waxy model (lacedürt) is an absolute evergreen among leather pants and not for nothing one of our bestsellers. Thanks to the durableäthanks to the hard-wearing upper material made of waxed smooth leather, the Cow Waxy (laced)ülaced) as a robust functional trousers for motorcycling, hiking, fühunting or other outdoor activitiesäactivities. Here it is used not only because of its durability, but also forübut also for its comfortätion: Because after läafter a long period of wear, the leather pants fit perfectly to your bodyöyour body andäs like a second skin

Show who you are - with the Cow Waxy (lacedüted)

Last but not least, the Cow Waxy (laced)ürt) with its unique look and feelüimpression. At the same timeäthe charismatic all-rounder can be combined in many ways. Whether to a metal concert, medieval festivals, biker meetings, LARP and Co - With the geschnüwith the tailored leather pants you make a good figure at many events. But also in everyday life you set with the Cow Waxy (geschnü rtenüted) a real style statement. Thanks to their timeless design and their distinctive side lacing, you canüthanks to their timeless design and distinctive side lacing, the leather pants spice up any outfit and give it a gritty, rock look

Cow Waxy (lacedülaced) - The leather pants forüfor the man who weiß what he wants

The leather pants Cow Waxy is available in timeless black and classic dark brownäsible.

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